A parliamentary committee has decided to scrutinise the budget spending of various government ministries, including the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Information.

The Sports, Culture and Public Relations Development Committee said that it will begin a systematic check-up of various ministerial budgets.

“The committee is duty-bound to check the budgets of government ministries, including the information ministry. The previous years’ budgets will be rechecked at a time when the relevant budget is under scrutiny. Our chairperson called on us to do it systematically,” Khaing Maung Yi, a member of the committee said.

The minister of religious affairs Hsan Hsint was sacked last week on allegations of corruption, leading many in parliament to suspect that there is not sufficient oversight over government spending.
As well as scrutinise ministerial budgets, the committee has urged the information ministry to clarify the purchase of printing presses in the parliament.

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