Most of the Facebook users who support the government’s policies are the propagandists with the fake identities and profiles. Those mouthpieces propagandize by commenting the government’s policies are right in the Facebook pages of news stations’.

The distinctive instance can be seen in the verdict of ten years imprisonment with hard work of the Unity Journal and its journalists. The news stations posted the news on their facebook pages. Some comments under those  posts are influenced by propaganda.

“The Facebook users with the fake identities and fake profiles are assumed to be related with the government and authorities. They intend to hold the psychological warfare. The fake account users support the verdict of ten years imprisonment of the Unity journalists, lobbying the actions of the government and authorities. They show that is right,” a political feature writer Dr. Yan Myo Thein said.

He continued “On the other hand, the government also pointed that the social media users should control themselves in instigation and hate speech regarding with the Mandalay conflict. When the propagandists’ accounts are investigated, they are using fake accounts with wrong profiles.”

The public criticize that the verdict is fierce on the case of the Unity journalists. However, the mouthpiece Facebook users supported the government’s action was right. They even propagandized that the imprisonment years is less for the case.

“We watched the Facebook during the Mandalay conflict. The accounts which write about hate speech and instigation are not the users with true profiles. We think those accounts are created to spread instigations. We find out that some instigated accounts in Mandalay conflicts support the verdict of Unity journalists. They mislead the condition that the public is supporting the verdict. There are thousands of such mouthpiece accounts on the Facebook according to my investigation. Most of them are supporting the government’s policies,” said the online chief editor of the Eleven Media Group Zaw Ye Naung.

Most of those accounts are instigating and spreading hate speeches in racial and religious communal conflicts.

They write comments lobbying the government’s actions under the news posts of Eleven Media, 7 Day, Irrawaddy, BBC Burmese and other news pages.

The government is discussing with the Facebook Company to watch the propaganda, instigations and hate speech spreading accounts 24/7. However, 70% of such accounts are supporting the government.