The Nationalities Brotherhood Federation will make the proportional representation system its main issue for discussion at its 19th meeting on July 17 to 18 in Nay Pyi Taw, said Chin Chin, a director of the federation.

“It’s a regular meeting. The main topic will be the ‘PR’ system. The NBF also discussed the issue at Parliament recently. We will review the current situations and decide what to do next because the issue is very important,” he said.

As some of the parties that belong to the federation registered as political parties only after 2011 and have no MPs in the Parliament, party leaders will exchange their views at the meeting.

Currently, 20 ethnic political parties are members of the federation, which has said it opposes the proportional representation system.

The federation also established the Federal Union Party, comprising representatives of its 20 parties, to compete in upcoming elections.

Though NBF parties formerly planned to arrange public protests against the proportional representation system, they postponed this after Parliamentary Speaker Thura Shwe Mann said on June 25 that talks would be held with political parties opposing the system.