The Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team (NCCT) says civil society organisations will not be side-lined in political talks, stressing that both political groups and CSOs would be considered.

Dr Salai Lian Hmung, a member of the NCCT,made the pledge in response to questions from reporters at a press conference yesterday. Reporters had asked about the different styles of holding political talks proposed by the government and NCCT. The government has proposed talks with eight parties while NCCT has called for three-sided talks.

“At the recent summit, we talked about political forces, including the 88 Generation Group. We are also open to other political forces. Moreover, we do not side-line CSOs, but we have considered their role in a separate sector.”

In holding political talks, the government has proposed eight parties – government, Parliament, the military, armed ethnic groups, political parties, CSOs, the academics and businesspeople. Meanwhile, the NCCT has proposed three groups: government, armed ethnic groups and political parties.