Officials from India and Myanmar discussed supplying electricity to Burma’s Sagaing region on August 4th in Tamu, a town on the Burmese side of the Indo-Burmese border.

The E-Po newspaper from India’s Manipur State said that during the meeting officials from the two countries mainly discussed how to distribute electricity in Sagaing Region. Reportedly, all the issues discussed at the meeting will be reported to higher authorities by Burma’s Ministry of Energy, U Khin Maung Soe, who attended the meeting. If Burma’s central government approves of the project the Indian government said it would supply all the necessary equipment.

Meanwhile, Indian officials urged the Burmese government to approve the construction of an Indo-Myanmar border crossing inside Indian territory, the E-do newspaper added.

In addition, the newspaper reported that during the meeting Indian officials asked their counterparts to release six Indian nationals from Manipur State who were arrested by Burma’s previous military regime. In response, Burmese officials said they would inform higher authorities and that immediate action would be taken if necessary.