All gas to be realised from the promising M-3 block, also known as the Aung Sinkha gas field will be supply domestic Myanmar usage, an official from the Ministry of Energy on August 10.

The official, who requested anonymity told Mizzima, “the volume of the gas reserve is not yet known and more drilling is required but a good estimation of gas reserves located there might be known by the end of the year, so far it looks it has found to be the most promising gas field of all the off-shore blocks.”

The official added that any energy reserves from the block would be reserved solely for domestic use.

The M-3 block is located in the Gulf of Martaban and is under exploration in an operation headed by Thai firm PTTEP, who signed a production sharing contractin August 2004.

The gas-field is located near the valuable Yadana gas-field, one of four off-shore natural gas fields that currently produce a total of 1800 million cubic-feet of gas daily, of which only 400 million cu-ft are currently used for domestic consumption.

PTTEP announced as field operator in August 2013 that it had found gas in four appraisal wells and said in an announcement on the Stock Exchange of Thailand; “PTTEP plans to conduct additional drilling of appraisal wells in 2014 for potential development and production from the AungSinkha field.”