The Chin State government has allotted 5,200 lakh kyat from the 2014-2015 budget to remote villages in Thantlang Township under a rural development scheme in Chin state. 73% of people live below the poverty line in Chin state, which is said to be Burma’s poorest region.

The Hakha Post reported that the Chin State government has allocated 5,200 lakh kyat to 54 villages in Thantlang Township under the rural development project, which is being led by the township administrator, U Khin Myint.

“The project has reached more than half of the township’s 54 villages, but the villages still need assistance with regard to health care, education, and agriculture. However, something is better than nothing compared to the situation under the previous military government,” said a teacher in Ngaphaipi Village.

The rural development project primarily involves building new residential blocks; laying water pipes and drains agricultural; constructing bridges and roads; installing small hydro-electricity units; and paying private school teachers.

It’s estimated that 4,688.5 lakh kyat will be spent on projects in 54 villages in Thantlang Township, although no information has been released regarding how the remaining 511.5 lakh kyat of the total of 5,200 lakh kyat allocated to the township will be spent.

According to a census taken in 2008, there are 37 village tract groups, 86 villages, and 65,970 people living in Thantlang Township.