The 2014 Green Energy Summit was hosted in Yangon on August 5. Private sector representatives and energy experts from more than 20 countries joined the discussion.

The Chair of the Yangon Power Supply Commission said during the opening ceremony that Myanmar welcomes foreign investors to participate in Myanmar’s sustainable energy development. The Myanmar government has designed a short-term power development plan that aims to provide power to 50% of its population in fiscal year 2015 through increased power generation and transmission capability. Currently, only 31% of the local population has access to electrical power.

The secretary general of the International Dam Commission said that given the backward status of Myanmar’s power industry, hydropower offers the most potential in the country. He said only 7% of Myanmar’s hydropower potential ha been developed.

Deputy secretary general of China Hydropower Association, professor Zhang Boting said the green energy summit is highly important for the development of electrical power in Myanmar for production and people’s livelihood. He said that Myanmar enjoys rich water resources and great potential for hydropower development.