Yangon regional hluttaw has agreed to discuss on August 29 a proposal by an independent MP to have the Yangon City Development Committee dismissed.

Bahan Township representative Daw Nyo Nyo Thin sought the YCDC’s dismissal in an emergency proposal tabled in the regional hluttaw on August 26.

She said the YCDC was appointed by the previous military government and its dismissal would enable the municipal administration to be reformed in line with the 2013 Yangon City Development Act.

The YCDC had exceeded its powers when it issued draft laws on August 1 to co-opt committee members, Daw Nyo Nyo Thin said.

“Only a committee formed in accordance with the 2013 Yangon City Development Act has the right to issue draft laws,” she said.

“The current YCDC was not formed under that act and therefore has no such entitlement.”

Daw Nyo Nyo Thin’s proposal was supported by Thinangyun Township (1) MP U Kyaw (New National Democracy Party).

“A legal YCDC has not yet been formed and now a committee which has no entitlement to do so is giving orders and instructions,” U Kyaw told journalists after the hluttaw session.

“The current YCDC must be abolished and a new one established in its place,”

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