Thursday, January 8th, 2015

A Burmese court sentenced a man to death on Thursday after finding him guilty of a 2013 bomb attack on a hotel that killed two people and wounded one, a police officer said. (more…)

Arakanese activists said hundreds of Arakanese Buddhist nationalists were gathering at Sittwe airport on Thursday afternoon in order to protest against the planned visit by the United Nations human rights rapporteur for Burma Yanghee Lee, who they view as supporting the Rohingya Muslim population. (more…)

Tin Mar Ye, a Mandalay woman involved in a prayer service held in support of a detained activist, has been sent to prison under Article 18 of the Peaceful Assembly Law. (more…)

The Rakhine State government will file a complaint with the Myanmar government if the United Nations intervenes and calls for citizenship for Rohingyas in western Myanmar, according to the state minister in a statement issued on January 7. (more…)

The Shan Human Rights Foundation claims the Myanmar army shot dead a mentally-ill man in front of his parents at their home in eastern Shan State last month, then forced villagers to join a public demonstration against insurgency. (more…)

Two members of the National League for Democracy are to mark the centenary of the birth of Bogyoke Aung San by walking to his birthplace. (more…)

A revamped committee to free remaining political prisoners is just for show, activists are complaining. The accusation follows a January 5 statement by the President’s Office that a new “prisoners of conscience” committee will be set up to free people jailed for their opinions or political activity. (more…)

Illegal toll collection has been reported on a small stretch of the newly built Asia Highway 1, a road linking Thailand’s booming border town of Mae Sot with Burma’s commercial capital Rangoon via Myawaddy. (more…)

The government-initiated Committee for Scrutinizing the Remaining Political Prisoners has come to an end. With 159 remaining political prisoners and an entirely unfulfilled mandate, the government has seen fit this week to create a new body, the Prisoners of Conscience Affairs Committee, to handle the urgent problem of political prisoners in our country. (more…)