Friday, January 9th, 2015

Prominent columnist U Htin Lin Oo, who is facing a charge of intending to “outrage religious feelings” had an appeal for bail turned down by Chaung-U Township Court in Sagaing Region on January 8. (more…)

More than 150 workers at the Yess Candy factory in Rangoon’s Hlaing Tharyar Industrial Zone went on strike on 7 January, demanding a minimum monthly salary of 30,000 kyat (US$30), as well as paid holiday on Sunday. (more…)

“Uncle George” has been in exile for more than 37 years and his abundant charm can’t hide his desire to go home. Silver-haired, gap-toothed and possessed of a mischievous laugh, the former teacher has been in “temporary shelter” in north Thailand since fleeing conflict in his native Karen region of eastern Myanmar in 1977. (more…)

A government committee tasked with implementing parliamentary recommendations for resolving problems with the Letpadaung copper mine has rejected criticism that it has mishandled the project and contributed to recent unrest in Sagaing Division. (more…)

Burma’s Union Election Commission (UEC) said on Thursday that, early next month, it planned to release a preliminary list of eligible voters in a handful of townships for this year’s general election. (more…)

A spokesperson for the National League for Democracy (NLD) has vehemently denied that party chairwoman Aung San Suu Kyi has dropped her presidential ambitions, after a local media outlet reported that the opposition leader would instead focus her efforts on securing the parliamentary speakership. (more…)

Until a few years ago, there was not much difference between Myanmar and North Korea. The defining features of both were crippling poverty and backwardness, massive debt, isolation from the world by international embargo, harsh dictatorships with a history of murderous oppression, and little hope for a better future. (more…)

Another year has brought further delay to a region-wide agreement on the migrant workers question. (more…)

Finland’s government has defended a project it funded in a conflict-affected part of eastern Burma as “successful” in assisting both villagers and government officials “to make positive changes.” The project, which came under the umbrella of the Norway-backed Myanmar Peace Support Initiative (MPSI), was heavily criticized in a report released last month by the Karenni Civil Society Network (KCSN), an NGO based in Burma’s smallest state. (more…)