A total of 34,697 Myanmar citizens living abroad have registered to vote in the upcoming election, according to the Union Election Commission.

The registration period ended on September 20, extended from the original deadline on August 23. The Myanmar expats’ application forms for the voting will be sent to the applicants’ respective townships for examination, and then advance ballots will be sent to the voters in their respective countries. The UEC will send the advance ballots to the respective election commission offices in sealed envelopes. The expatriates can vote in the first or second week of October in their respective countries with the assistance of Myanmar embassies.

UEC director Sai Kyaw Thu noted that some applicants might miss voting since they have ambiguous addresses.

He said: “Some applicants have given unclear addresses. We are very careful in the process. We have asked them to resend their applications with full addresses. There will be time for the full process. If we can’t find the specified address, the person might miss the opportunity to vote.”

The registration was open only Myanmar citizens who live abroad legally, not for illegal immigrants. The latter must return to their permanent addresses to vote.

The UEC predicts that between 3 and 5 million legal and illegal migrants will miss the opportunity to vote.

The names of eligible advance voters both in Myanmar and abroad will be put on public display at polling stations on the election day.

It was announced today that the European Union has deployed an election observation mission for the general election in Myanmar, with the first nine analysts arriving in Yangon on September 26.

Thirty long-term observers will arrive on October 7. Sixty-two short-term observers, a delegation with seven members from the European Parliament, and diplomats of member states will reinforce the mission for the election day. The mission comprises all 28 EU member states as well as Norway and Switzerland.