Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Leader of the opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) Aung San Suu Kyi said the appointed president will have “no authority” when her party is able to form the government. (more…)

Though in exile 6,000 miles away from Myanmar, I can almost taste the euphoria. Aung San Suu Kyi’s wildly popular opposition – the National League for Democracy – has won a landslide in the multiparty elections, and 31 million voters, most apparently backing the NLD, are savouring a long-awaited moment of jubilation. The NLD leader, whom they call Amay or mother, appeared on TV, her eyes shining with tears of joy. (more…)

It was pitch dark and strangely silent when we left the house. Ours has always been a fairly quiet residential neighbourhood but there were none of the small shops and street stalls that would normally be seen setting up early in the morning. I spied only five people along the five-minute drive to the polling station. (more…)

The cold hard reality is that yesterday was just the beginning of the next round of political competition. Once the votes are in, the heavy business of negotiation and repositioning will rumble forward. (more…)

At 6 A.M. on Sunday, five minutes before sunrise, Burmese voters began lining up at polling stations in Yangon to participate in their country’s first national elections in decades. (more…)

Observers from the European Union’s Election Observation Mission on Tuesday refused to call the Burma’s national poll “truly genuine” given the fact that the military commands an automatic 25 percent of seats without being elected, as well as the mass disenfranchisement of Muslim candidates and Rohingya voters. (more…)

The United States on Monday welcomed Burma’s election as a victory for the people, and the vote appeared to raise prospects of a further lifting of US sanctions – provided the military accepts the results. (more…)

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has congratulated the people of Myanmar for “their patience, dignity and enthusiasm” in historic elections and has encouraged all stakeholders “to maintain the dignified spirit, calm and respect throughout the completion of the electoral process.” The UN News Centre reported on 9 November. (more…)

A Chinese newspaper linked to the ruling Communist Party warned Myanmar on Tuesday (Nov 10) not to leave its embrace for the United States, as opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s party was slated to wrest power from the military-backed government. (more…)

Myanmar’s fledgling insurance market has grown about 40 percent since it was opened up two years ago. (more…)

Local and foreign businesspeople yesterday in a rare volley of superlatives said they were optimistic about what the results of the November 8 polls might mean for the country’s economic future. (more…)

On the day before Burma’s 8 November election, candidates from the two major Shan parties shared concerns with SHAN about the reliability of the country’s advanced voting process. (more…)

In one of many upheavals sweeping the country in the wake of the polls, Speaker Thura U Shwe Mann appears to have lost his hometown constituency. The former ruling party chair conceded this morning on his Facebook page, offering his congratulations to his political rival and former classmate U Than Nyunt, the National League for Democracy candidate. The results from Pyu township have not been officially announced yet. (more…)

The Union Election Commission has played down concerns over an advance vote dispute in the Lower House seat of Lashio in northern Shan State, saying the media had “misunderstood” the issue which could potentially be handled by the body’s complaints mechanism in due course. (more…)

Nearly all of the appointed cabinet members who contested Sunday’s general election appear to have been defeated by opponents from the opposition National League for Democracy (NLD). (more…)

In her first media interview since the general election, National League for Democracy (NLD) leader Aung San Suu Kyi has confidently predicted her party will win a convincing majority in parliament. (more…)

Thein Sein will congratulate opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi for what looks increasingly likely to be the National League for Democracy’s drubbing of his ruling party in the Nov. 8 general election, according to a senior official close to the president. (more…)

Well done, Burma. That was the overarching message of Jason Carter when he met with the press on Monday in Rangoon. The grandson of Jimmy Carter, former US President and Carter Center founder, delivered an unambiguous communiqué that the peaceful voting procedures carried out on Sunday were good enough—with one apparent caveat. (more…)

The day after Burma’s historic election, clashes have once again broken out in Kyethi Township, where the Shan State Army-North (SSA-N) say the Burma Armed Forces have used aerial forces and artillery in an attack on its Wan Hai village headquarters. (more…)

A survey carried out between 14th and 31st October 2015 captured the people of Myanmar’s expectations and hope on the 2015 elected government. (more…)

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