The Union Election Commission (UEC) on Friday announced the winners of the last 11 undeclared races in Burma’s Nov. 8 general election, with the nationwide contest’s victorious National League for Democracy (NLD) adding five seats to its tally.
The last three races for Union Parliament seats, the Lower House’s Nawngmun and Khaunglanhpu townships in Kachin State and the state’s Upper House constituency No. 1, were divided between the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), Lisu National Development Party and National Unity Party (NUP), respectively, according to a document posted to the UEC’s official Facebook page.

The USDP also won Nawngmun Township’s constituency Nos. 1 and 2 in the state legislature, while Khaunglanhpu Township’s two seats for the regional parliament were split between the Lisu National Development Party and NLD.

Friday’s release of results also included the winners of four ethnic affairs ministers in Kachin State, with the NLD sweeping races to return ethnic Burman, Lisu, Shan and Rawang posts.

Results for the Kachin State seats were delayed by the constituencies’ remoteness, with the races called nearly one week after the last returns were announced on Sunday.

All told, the NLD won 887 of 1,146 seats up for election on Nov. 8. The USDP came in a distant second, winning 117 seats across the Union Parliament and regional legislatures.