Residents of Lwezer Village in Kyaukme Distict, Shan State, fled yesterday evening to Oakpho Monastery in Myoma Ward, Mogok Township, Mandalay Region, to avoid skirmishes between Shan and Palaung armed groups.

The incident was reported by civil society organisations in Mogok Township.

“The fighting between Shan and Palaung armed groups broke out in Lwezer Village, near Minkone Township, Kyaukme District, starting on the morning of January 17. That’s why we fled to safe places. We made an overnight stop near Monglon Village on January 18. Nearly all the villagers from Lwezer Village fled to safer places,” said Daw Aye Sai, one of the IDPs.

A total of 95 IDPs, including children, arrived in Mogok Township, where doctors, Red Cross members, CSOs and members of the 88 Peace Generation and Open Society have begun assisting them.

Due to a dramatic drop in temperature in Mogok this month, the IDPs are in need of blankets and trousers.