Myanmar’s government will send a delegation to Thailand to carry out a citizenship verification process so that 196 people living in the refugee camps along the border can be retaken as they have expressed their willingness to return home, according to a news statement released by the Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The plan is revealed in the statement which was released Thursday regarding a wide range of issues discussed with the Thai prime minister during a goodwill visit of State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi to Thailand from June 23 to 25. The discussion focused on the issue of Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand, retaking of Myanmar refugees living in the camps along the border, the re-demarcation of the border line and cooperation in mutual interests.

The statement said both sides had reached an agreement that the process to resend refugees to home country will carried out only after good conditions have been created for their health, social and education affairs and jobs.

However, 196 refugees who have already demanded to return home will be retaken by the Myanmar government after a delegation has been sent there, said the statement.

During her Thai visit, Suu Kyi planned to visit a refugee camp but cancelled if due to bad weather.

Around 140,000 Myanmar nationals are living in nine refugee camps along the Myanmar-Thai border. Most of them are ethnic Kayin.