Three temporary schools have opened for children living in Myaing Gyi Ngu internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Karen State said the Tha Wor area group education officer, Teacher Sai Myo Nyunt.

He told KIC on 15 September that the temporary schools are located at Pan Wutt Hmone Hall, Hnit Thit Kuu Kwin Hall and Cherry Myaing Community Hall and that 47 teachers have been teaching about 200 students since 13 September at the three locations.

He said: “Local teachers have gathered here to teach, [but] I am very worried about the children who have been left behind in the villages because the area I have been assigned to is a warzone. I worry for the children as I don’t know whether this war will end or not.”

At Pann Wutt Hmone Hall there are 81 students from kindergarten (grade1) to 4th Standard (grade 5). There are 86 students at Hnit Thit Kuu Kwin Hall and 30 students at Cherry Myaing Community Hall, all in various grades.

Officials from the temporary education department said that the Karen State Education Department has provided textbooks, curricula, school uniforms, pens, and pencils, while donors and social charity groups have provided other necessary assistance.

Burma Army and Border Guard troops started fighting with the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, a splinter group from the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army (DKBA), in the Mae Tha Wor area on 2 September and fighting has been ongoing since then.

Due to the fighting 3,846 people from 671 households have been forced to take shelter in temporary IDP camps.

Twelve elementary schools in the Mae Tha Wor area had to close down because of the fighting and local teachers have been unable to teach students who are still in the conflict area.