Thai and Myanmar authorities are registering Myanmar refugees who fled to Mae Hong Son province for repatriation, it was disclosed at the Thai-Myanmar Township Border Committee (TBC)’s meeting Thursday.

Seventh Infantry Regiment special task force commander Colonel Chaidaen Krissanasuwan led the Thai TBC panel to meet with their Myanmar counterparts at Bawlake district of Kayah State’s capital Loikaw. Among the topics they discussed was the issue of Myanmar refugees who had fled fighting to stay in Mae Hong Son’s temporary shelters.

The Myanmar TBC panel said they needed time to gather information about the number of refugees and their ethnicity to prepare shelters and send them back to hometowns accordingly.

However, the issue of rafts containing teak wood found in the Salawin River wasn’t tabled despite Thai agencies’ previous resolution to discuss it with Myanmar for possible mutual solutions such as checkpoints.