Opium production in Myanmar fell for the first time in nearly a decade in 2014, the United Nations said Monday. The drop was due to lower crop yields, though, as the total area under cultivation was roughly the same as last year.


Myanmar will be one of several countries under the spotlight for their efforts to crack down on the manufacture and trade in illegal drugs at a regional ASEAN meeting being held in Jakarta. (more…)

Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and China have pledged to join forces to fight drug trafficking along the Mekong River, where officials estimate they are failing to intercept 80 percent of smuggled narcotics, reports the Bangkok Post. (more…)

Twenty acres of poppy fields grown by local people near the Soung-Du village, Lo-Bar-Kho Village Tract in Demawso township, Karenni state were destroyed by government officers and local prominent people on 23rd October. (more…)

A proposal to open youth drug rehabilitation centres was submitted to the national parliament by U Phay Thaung, a member of parliament for constituency No.6, in Kachin State on 22nd October (more…)

Along parts of the Myanmar-China border, where heroin addiction is appallingly common, fresh needles are now so coveted that shopkeepers dispense them as change. (more…)

Protesters took to the streets of Banmauk in Sagaing Division this weekend, calling for official measures to tackle rampant drug problems in the region. (more…)

Drug dealers from across the country are increasingly setting up shop in Mingalar Taung Nyunt township, police say, taking advantage of its large and ethnically diverse population, access to wholesale markets and thriving nightlife to peddle illicit substances. (more…)

Recent drug seizures and reports of growing drug abuse in western Burma’s Arakan State are causing concern among local residents and state authorities, with some fearing that the developments indicate a rise in drug trafficking through the region to neighboring Bangladesh. (more…)

An MP from Kachin State yesterday submitted a proposal to the Upper House calling for a new national strategy to combat drug addiction, saying current efforts are not working and that addiction had reached the “danger level” among youths. (more…)

Doctors at Yangon Mental Hospital say they are seeing a rise in the number patients in their 20s who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and this along with anecdotal and other evidence indicates that alcohol and drug addiction use is surging among those in their 20s as well as among teenagers. (more…)

Sentences for those convicted of drug use, which range from five to 15 years, are under review, Deputy Minister for Home Affairs Brigadier General Kyaw Kyaw Tun has told MPs. (more…)

The Kachin Women’s Association Thailand (KWAT) has accused the Burmese government of exacerbating drug abuse in Kachin State and fueling ongoing conflict in the region. (more…)

The Union government has accepted an offer from the United States to help it combat the narcotics trade, including a one-year capacity-building project for local police, Colonel Min Aung of the Anti-narcotic Police Force told Eleven Media yesterday. (more…)

The Ministry of Health is planning to open more centres to provide treatment and counselling for drug addicts, a senior official said on September 16. (more…)

Myanmar’s navy has seized around 2.4 million ecstasy tablets hidden in a ship, a record haul of the drug in the country, police said on Monday (Aug 25).

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) finalised a four-year memorandum of understanding with the Burmese government on Monday, allowing them to partner on an “integrated programme” aimed at strengthening the rule of law and tackling crime and drug issues.

Myanmar’s northern Kachin State, renowned for its heroin production, is changing tack in its efforts to curb rampant drug use and cultivation: In addition to crop-substitution programmes, community-led campaigns aim to change minds and steer people towards treatment.

Myanmar authorities have seized $7.3 million of drugs buried in a forest in the so-called “Golden Triangle”, police said Tuesday, raising fears of a boom in the narcotics trade in the notorious border region.


A United Wa State Party (UWSP) spokesman has denied that the ethnic rebel army in northern Burma continues to be involved in drug trade, saying their autonomous region is “drug-free.”

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