Burma’s relatively new, quasi-civilian leadership has yet to prove that it is responsible and accountable to the country’s citizens, who, for the first time after decades under an oppressive military regime, have been given the promise of representation. But the problems in Burma that most affect the lives of its people are rarely reaching parliament, which has chosen instead to focus on convoluted political shuffles and superficial reforms.

Parliamentarians from the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party are leading ongoing discussions on amendments to Burma’s Constitution, and have agreed to recommend changing a key clause that could pave the way for more wide-reaching charter reform, according to a USDP lawmaker.

Pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s party has won a landslide victory in by-elections, local election officials have confirmed. (more…)

Affirming the rule of law will be the first priority of the National League for Democracy (NLD) when its members join the Parliament, according to a party spokesman. (more…)

Yangon — Myanmar’s journalists will take to Twitter and Facebook in their battle to beat press restrictions and deliver breaking news of Sunday’s by-elections that for many will be the biggest story of their careers. (more…)

Phnom Penh — Asian foreign ministers on Monday welcomed Myanmar’s “orderly” elections as they met ahead of a regional summit that will also be dominated by North Korea’s planned rocket launch and maritime disputes. (more…)

New Delhi: Amid Myanmar’s strides towards full democracy, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is expected to undertake a visit to that country next month that is aimed at bolstering the bilateral ties. Singh is expected to go on a two-day visit dates for which are being finalised through diplomatic channels, sources said here on Monday. (more…)

Istanbul — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday expressed hope for the future of Myanmar following by-elections which are likely to see pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi enter parliament. (more…)

People talk a lot about changes happening in my country. There are many welcome developments. Hundreds of political prisoners have been freed, some freedom of speech is now being tolerated, and there is more media freedom. (more…)

The Myanmar election produced more than a small victory for Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy. It also firmed up the moral legitimacy of those seeking freedom in Burma. (more…)

New York – Burma’s April 1, 2012 by-elections are a step forward, but are not a real test of the government’s commitment to democratic reform, Human Rights Watch said today. (more…)

Naypyitaw, Myanmar — Malaysia has given its commitment to sending its observers for Myanmar’s upcoming by-elections on April 1. (more…)

Imphal: P C Lawmkunga and Maninder Singh, the chief election officers of Manipur and Assam, respectively, will be representatives of the Indian government during the Myanmar parliamentary byelection on April 1. The Centre selected the two officials after receiving a request from Myanmar to send observers for the polls to be held in 48 constituencies. (more…)

Burma’s main opposition party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), asked permission on Monday from the Burmese government and the country’s Union Election Commission (EC) to engage in talks with the rebel Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) over security conditions in the northern state. (more…)

Jury Chai – The All Mon Regions Democracy Party (AMDP) is concerned there may be bias during the upcoming by-election advance voting because Hluttaw (Parliament) candidates and polling station workers have not been granted monitoring authority to assess the voting process,which is organized by the Village/Ward (Election) Commissions. (more…)

YANGON — Myanmar’s president urged the country to respect “the decision of the people” in key by-elections, state media said on Monday, ahead of a poll expected to sweep Aung San Suu Kyi into parliament. (more…)

Burma’s authorities have postponed by-elections to be held in the northern state of Kachin, where fighting with ethnic rebels resumed last year. (more…)

An independent poll monitoring group has called for the Burmese government to open up the April 1 election to local and regional civil society groups, and not just international government monitors. (more…)

Myanmar has agreed to allow observers from Southeast Asian countries to monitor April elections that are viewed as crucial for gauging the nation’s much-heralded democratic reforms, a regional bloc said Tuesday. (more…)

Yangon — Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s political party on Monday decried what it described as “unfair treatment” by the authorities ahead of April 1 by-elections. (more…)

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