The already dwindling population of Irrawaddy dolphins in Burma now faces a new threat: electric shock.


Bowing to local pressure over a proposal to build a coal-fired power plant in the coastal region of Nga Yoke Kaung, the Irrawaddy Division government has backed off the plan and says it will not proceed with the project if it is against the public’s will. (more…)

A plan to establish marine protected areas in Myeik Archipelago in southernmost Myanmar was backed by officials from several ministries at a workshop in Tanintharyi Region last week. (more…)

Despite local opposition, the Karen National Union has deployed its staff to secure the area in Dawei Township, Taninthayi Region, where the Banchaung mining project is located, according to locals. (more…)

Negotiations over compensation for land taken from rubber plantation owners by Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprises or MOGE for a gas pipeline passing through Wel-Khru Village-Tract and Chan-Ta-Yar Land, Thanbyuzayat Township, Mon State have stalled, reports the Independent Mon News Agency November 18. (more…)

The World Wildlife Fund plans to focus its efforts on green growth development, reforestation and biodiversity conservation in southern Myanmar’s Tanintharyi Region, a spokesperson from the organisation said in Yangon on November 1. (more…)

Flora and Fauna International (FFI) said it held a meeting recently with representatives of several government ministries and the Tenasserim Division government to discuss plans for the creation of a Marine Protected Area in Mergui Archipelago, located off the coast of southern Burma. (more…)

The European Union and Myanmar’s Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry recently held discussions about how Myanmar can encourage sustainable management of the country’s forests and eliminate the illegal timber trade. (more…)

An environmental think-tank based in Nepal is to work with the government to develop an ecotourism policy and management strategy for protected areas in Myanmar, the organisation said. (more…)

Although 11 proposals to build coal-fired power plants have been submitted to the Ministry of Electric Power not a single one has yet to be approved, a senior official at the ministry said. (more…)

Local residents have expressed concerns about the social and environmental threats that the coal power plant could pose.  (more…)

As revelers gather at Inle Lake in Shan State to celebrate the famed Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival, another group of concerned volunteers has teamed up to do the dirty work: picking up trash generated by the thousands of people that flock to the lake for the event. (more…)

An update to the Merchant Shipping Act with clauses to tackle pollution from cargo ships has been sent to the Attorney-General ahead of its formal submission to parliament, says an official from the Ministry of Transport. (more…)

Local people in Kalay town in Sagaing Region staged a protest yesterday, calling for a ban on construction of a coal-fired power plant and a supply of electricity from the national grid. (more…)

The Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry is unable to control the illegal timber trade despite the export ban on raw logs imposed on April 1, its minister admitted in Parliament on September 17. (more…)

Irrawaddy Division officials and a Burmese construction company met with residents of villages in Nga Yoke Kaung Township last weekend to inform of them of a plan to build a 300-megawatt coal-firedpower plant in the coastal region. (more…)

According to reports by the Irrawaddy magazine, the Myanmar Minister of Energy recently claimed that Myanmar is hoping to become the country with most solar power usage in the world. (more…)

Burmese Vice- President Nyan Htun has raised concerns about energy consumption in Burma.

Oil Mountain, Myanmar—The mood at a ramshackle bar in this village on Ramree Island, in western Myanmar’s Rakhine State, is one of fatalism punctuated by the occasional comic trope.

Academics from Burma, China and Thailand gathering in Burma’s Mon State this week raised concerns about ongoing plans to build six dams on the Thanlwin River.

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