Human Rights

Abul Kassim, a Rohingya asylum seeker, was snatched from his home in the northern Malaysian state of Penang on Jan. 12. The next morning, his beaten and bloodied body was found. (more…)

Police bullets killed a local resident who died in a protest that turned violent last month, the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission has announced. Daw Khin Win, 57, was shot dead and nine Chinese workers and 11 villagers wounded in clashes that broke out as local villagers pursued their long-running protest against the Letpadaung copper mine project. (more…)

The government has reiterated that there is no longer any need for the United Nations to have a special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, in comments that came as the envoy was making her second visit to the country. (more…)

The International Labour Organisation on January 13 welcomed Thai government efforts to tackle human trafficking as “a step in the right direction,” reports the Bangkok Post. (more…)

A US human rights delegation is meeting with Burmese government officials on Wednesday in Naypyidaw for the first of two days of talks, spearheading the continued scrutiny of the human rights situation in Burma by Washington. (more…)

The Thai government has cranked up its drive against human trafficking by setting deadlines for action and reports, according to the Bangkok Post on January 13. (more…)

President Barack Obama’s UN ambassador said Monday the humanitarian situation in Burma’s Arakan State continues to deteriorate and virtually no one has been held to account for attacks on minority Muslims. (more…)

Dozens of children were among 98 suspected Rohingya trafficking victims from Myanmar discovered in pickup trucks in southern Thailand, police said on Monday, as more checkpoints were set up in the region to combat the trade. (more…)

At least one Kachin child has died and many people are seriously ill as heavy snow and dropping temperatures worsen conditions for Kachin refugees living in camps near Kachin State’s northern border with China. (more…)

The Rakhine State government will file a complaint with the Myanmar government if the United Nations intervenes and calls for citizenship for Rohingyas in western Myanmar, according to the state minister in a statement issued on January 7. (more…)

The Shan Human Rights Foundation claims the Myanmar army shot dead a mentally-ill man in front of his parents at their home in eastern Shan State last month, then forced villagers to join a public demonstration against insurgency. (more…)

The government-initiated Committee for Scrutinizing the Remaining Political Prisoners has come to an end. With 159 remaining political prisoners and an entirely unfulfilled mandate, the government has seen fit this week to create a new body, the Prisoners of Conscience Affairs Committee, to handle the urgent problem of political prisoners in our country. (more…)

Karen groups have joined together to call for an investigation into alleged war crimes by the army in eastern Myanmar following the release of four-year probe carried out by the International Human Rights Clinic at Harvard Law School in the United States. (more…)

As winter approaches in northern Burma’s Kachin State, some 27,500 internally displaced persons (IDPs) are without necessary assistance such as blankets and clothes, according to the United Nations. (more…)

About 53,000 people left Bangladesh and Myanmar on treacherous smuggling boats bound for Thailand and Malaysia this year, about 540 of them dying on the journey, the UN refugee agency said November 5. (more…)

The fence stretches as far as the eye can see, its concrete pillars carrying coils of barbed wire across the mountains and marshes of western Myanmar.


A report released earlier this month by Harvard University’s International Human Rights Clinic lays out damning allegations accusing three senior Burmese generals of war crimes and crimes against humanity.The three men, including current Home Affairs Minister Lt-Gen Ko Ko, still hold senior positions in Burma’s quasi-civilian government, prompting questions from some quarters about President Thein Sein’s reformist credentials.


Bangladesh has outlined proposals to intern thousands of undocumented Rohingya before repatriation to Myanmar, which they fled because of targeted violence and systematic discrimination, an official Foreign Ministry document obtained by Al Jazeera America reveals. (more…)

The Burmese army systematically uses sexual violence against women – including gang rape by soldiers – to “demoralise and destroy the fabric of ethnic [minority] communities” and establish control over resource-rich areas, according to a women’s rights group. (more…)

The Burma Army on Monday discharged and released 80 children and young people who had been recruited illegally when they were younger than 18 years, Unicef has announced. (more…)

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