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U Win Myaing, secretary of the Rakhine State government’s information team told Mizzima that local security officials have been arresting groups and families of “Bengalis” who have been trying to flee to other regions of Myanmar from northern Rakhine State. (more…)

Kyaikmayaw Township Police in Mon State have agreed to open a case to investigate the death of the freelance journalist Ko Aung Kyaw Naing, better known as Ko Par Gyi according to his wife, Ma Thandar, reports the Independent Mon News Agency. (more…)

Millions of small-scale farmers in Myanmar risk losing land under proposals to regulate land use which focus too much on investment and not enough on people’s livelihoods, a Netherlands-based non-profit think tank warned on Thursday. (more…)

Burma has freed more than a thousand political prisoners since former military rulers handed over power three years ago, a move that has smoothed the former pariah state’s international rehabilitation. Now the government says the job is done. Human-rights activists and the U.S. say, not so fast. (more…)

Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is scheduled to visit Karenni State next week to hold a rally calling for reforms to the Constitution, National League for Democracy (NLD) members said on Thursday. It will be the first visit by the NLD leader to impoverished ethnic region in 25 years. (more…)

A group of activist organisations in Myanmar demanded the setting up of an independent commission on Wednesday to probe the killing of a journalist in army custody, saying the military had delayed reporting his death for almost three weeks. (more…)

Local farmers in Labutta Township, Irrawaddy Division, are facing hardship after their rice paddies were flooded by saltwater, wiping out several farmers’ entire harvests. (more…)

A powerful group of Buddhist nationalist lobbyists has planned nationwide rallies in support of a controversial bill that some say would effectively outlaw interfaith marriage in Burma. Organizers said that they are demanding immediate passage of the Interfaith Marriage Bill, which they first proposed in 2013. (more…)

Myanmar has chosen a Japan-Singapore consortium to build its fourth international airport, a $1.5 billion project north of the country’s biggest city Yangon, a senior transport ministry official said on Wednesday. (more…)

Eight farmers jailed for staging a plough protest on military-confiscated land in Sagaing Division’s Kanbalu Township are now facing additional charges for illegal trespassing. (more…)

Myanmar’s antiquated electricity distribution system is causing a loss of 30 per cent for every dollar invested in generation, Singapore-based consultancy New Crossroads Asia said, citing estimates previously made by the International Financial Corporation. (more…)

The 7 Day Daily and Mizzima newspapers misreported defense budget for military operation in 2013-2014 fiscal years in their papers issued on October 28, it was learnt. (more…)

A pilot project to assess the citizenship credentials of IDPs in Myebon township has been suspended, sources say, following complaints that the program had enabled “Bengalis” to gain citizenship by saying they are ethnic Kaman. (more…)

Rangoon police said they filed a criminal lawsuit against the organizer of a demonstration that called for an inquiry into the killing of a journalist. Organizers of a similar protest in Mandalay could also face criminal charges. (more…)

A district court in Rangoon on Monday rejected an appeal by three journalists and the two owners of the defunct Bi Mon Te Nay journal, who were trying to overturn the two-year sentences that were handed down to each earlier this month. (more…)

A Myanmar journalist who was killed in army custody this month was once a democracy activist and a bodyguard for opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, his wife said on Tuesday, adding she fears she won’t be able to find out how he died because of the military’s sweeping powers. (more…)

A local journalist who was reporting in Mon State on the recent fighting between the Burma Army and Karen rebels was killed while in custody of government soldiers, according to the Interim Myanmar Press Council. (more…)

Burma’s Ministry of Immigration and Population will begin issuing electronic visas for tourists at six additional locations, a ministry official told The Irrawaddy on Friday. (more…)

Two Burmese women activists and an advocacy group will accept awards from the N-Peace Network alongside other Asian peace activists at a ceremony in Bangkok on Friday evening. (more…)

Lawyers in Myanmar are well accustomed to paying out a stream of bribes to clerks and judges as part of a widely acknowledged culture of graft. But when word spread last year about a judge’s wife demanding $150,000 for a favorable decision, even the most jaded lawyers took notice. (more…)

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