On The Border

A visiting Indian minister who dropped in to India’s northeastern Manipur State said the central government is keen to develop several trade and plantation projects in the region as part of the state’s Special Economic Zone, according to the Nagaland Post on February 11.

China’s expressed concern on Tuesday about renewed fighting between Myanmar rebels and government forces which forced civilians to cross the border to seek refuge in China.

Twenty-eight illegal Burmese migrants were rescued from the back of a poorly ventilated pickup truck in Thailand’s Chumphon province and their two alleged traffickers arrested, police said.

A Thai police investigation into the deaths of three Muslim Rohingya migrants being trafficked illegally through the country continued January 21 when a group of rescued people identified the cars used to transport them, according to a report in The Nation January 22. (more…)

The Thai government has decided not to implement a mooted plan to get prisoners to work on fishing vessels in the wake of criticism of the idea by labour and human rights groups, according to a recent press release from the Thai foreign ministry January 19. (more…)

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has received a letter from forty-five human rightsorganisations asking him to end a pilot project to recruit prisoners from Thailand’s correctional facilities to fill a labour shortage in the fishing industry, according to a press release issued by the Thai Frozen Foods Association on January 15. (more…)

The UN refugee agency and Thailand’s Ministry of Interior will conduct a verification exercise on the Burmese refugee population along the Thai border, with the data intended to help find “durable solutions” and better coordinate future humanitarian assistance. (more…)

Two more Rohingya migrants have died in southern Thailand after trucks packed with dozens of members of the Myanmar Muslim minority group were intercepted by authorities, police said on January 14. (more…)

Construction is ramping up for a new China-Burma border station in northern Shan State intended to funnel tourists towards a massive private development, although building works have begun unilaterally on the Burmese side of the border, and both the Chinese and Burmese governments have yet to negotiate when the crossing will be open to foreign nationals. (more…)

A local family in the Thai-Burmese border town of Three Pagodas Pass have complained that Mon rebels are extorting them of payments from a construction company that is building a highway through their land. (more…)

Mobile government teams tasked with curbing smuggling along the Burma-China border near Muse have seized illicit goods, including gemstones, timber, wildlife and precursor drugs, with an estimated total value of US$27 million in the past two years, according to Ministry of Commerce officials. (more…)

Dozens of children were among 98 suspected Rohingya trafficking victims from Myanmar discovered in pickup trucks in southern Thailand, police said on Monday, as more checkpoints were set up in the region to combat the trade. (more…)

At least one Kachin child has died and many people are seriously ill as heavy snow and dropping temperatures worsen conditions for Kachin refugees living in camps near Kachin State’s northern border with China. (more…)

Illegal toll collection has been reported on a small stretch of the newly built Asia Highway 1, a road linking Thailand’s booming border town of Mae Sot with Burma’s commercial capital Rangoon via Myawaddy. (more…)

Burmese officials of the Shan State border township of Tachilek said they attended a regional meeting with officials from China, Laos and Thailand on Wednesday in order to discuss ways to foster economic development and fight the rampant cross-border crime that plagues the Mekong region. (more…)

The district court of the Shan State capital of Taunggyi will next week pass down a verdict 20 Muslims accused of links to terrorism, according to a lawyer representing the defendants. (more…)

A UK court’s inquest into the death of British tourist Ms Hannah Witheridge on Thailand’s Koh Tao in September 2014 has been adjourned awaiting Thai police papers, according to local UK media reports. (more…)

The Myanmar army has arrested more than 100 foreigners and 20 Myanmar nationals for illegal logging near the Chinese border, the defense ministry said Tuesday. (more…)

More than 50 migrants, mostly Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar, have been picked up in southern Thailand after authorities acting on a tip-off stopped trucks smuggling them through the country, a local official said Monday. (more…)

Despite the objections of thousands of members of the local population, a prayer ceremony held to launch the first Manau festival staged inside Burma in four years has gone ahead in the Kachin State capital of Myitkyina. (more…)

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