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Two leading land rights activists have been charged with organizing unsanctioned protests to demand back their expropriated lands in Thingangyun Township, Rangoon Division. (more…)

Ten residents of Maday Island in Kyaukphyu Township have been charged by local police for protesting against the oil and gas pipeline projects on the island without receiving official permission to hold a demonstration.

Speaking to Mizzima on behalf of state-run China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), the Secretary to the Chinese Ambassador in Yangon, Xiong Guofeng, said that the company did not force workers at its pipeline plant on Maday Island to sign a pledge saying they would not participate in Thursday’s demonstration, and furthermore that they did not dismiss more than 50 workers who refused to do so.

At least three people were detained and questioned by local authorities in Arakan state on Friday, for their role in staging an unauthorised protest against the Chinese-backed Shwe Gas Pipeline in western Burma earlier this week.

More than 300 farmers in northern Burma’s Sagaing Division have resumed their protests against a controversial Chinese-backed copper mine, saying they will refuse compensation and continue to push for the mine’s complete closure. (more…)

Several hundred Burmese migrant workers at a shrimp factory in Thailand are protesting what they say is exploitation by Burmese and Thai employment agencies. (more…)

Thousands of ethnic Kachins welcomed dozens of peace activists who arrived in Laiza, the besieged stronghold of Kachin rebels, on Monday evening after walking for 57 days from Rangoon. (more…)

For the first time in two years, a number of landowners in the Letpadaung project area have accepted compensation and agreed to give up their land for the controversial copper mine, while others have continued to refuse to willingly hand over their land. (more…)

Protestors camped out near a controversial copper mine in central Burma shut down their demonstration sites over the weekend after receiving warnings from municipal authorities late last week. (more…)

About 2,000 ethnic Karen gathered on the banks of the Salween River in Papun District in northern Karen State on Friday to demand that the government abandons it plans to construct multiple hydropower dams on the river in eastern Burma, environmental activists announced. (more…)

Protestors who are still camped out near a controversial Chinese-backed copper mine in central Burma were warned by the government on Friday morning to leave the area. (more…)

(Unofficial translation)

Myanmar’s official media released the investigation report on the Sino-Myanmar joint venture Letpadaung copper mine on the 12th. The report believes the project should continue with necessary improvements. The head of the inquiry committee Aung San Suu Kyi said on the 13th that stopping the project will negatively affect the economy and people’s lives.

Aung San Suu Kyi confronted hundreds of disgruntled residents in central Burma on Thursday, as anger continues to mount over her failure to oppose the development of a controversial Chinese-backed mine nearby. (more…)

A government’s telecom project to lay fiber optics underground connecting Yangon and capital Nay Pyi
Taw is facing protest by locals whose farms were unearthed during the project, according to a local involved in the protest. (more…)

The police in Arakan state are planning to charge some social activists who recently led a protest against the authorities plans to build a permanent homes for Muslim refugees who left their homes in last year’s Arakan conflicts, said a women activist Ma Nyo who is in the list of those to be charged. (more…)

Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi told communities affected by a copper mine in Sagaing Division’s Monywa District on Wednesday to stop opposing the project and accept compensation for the land they lost. Local villagers said they were disappointed by her speech. (more…)

Locals living near a controversial Chinese-backed copper mine have blasted Aung San Suu Kyi’s highly anticipated report into the police crackdown on protestors last November for not ordering a complete halt to the project.

An eagerly awaited official report has confirmed that police in Myanmar used smoke bombs that contain phosphorus during a crackdown on anti-mine protesters last year that left 108 people with burns, mostly Buddhist monks. The report also recommended the controversial Chinese-backed project continue. (more…)

The Salween River famously remains the longest free-flowing river in Southeast Asia. On one of its more remote upper stretches in a Thai national park, there is a large sign tacked up on the opposite bank. It is written incongruously in English, red painted on white, its prominent elevated bankside location intended to capture the attention of any foreign journalists, NGO staff or improbable tourists venturing here. (more…)

“Nostalgia” is one way to translate the name of this small farming village 25 kilometers south of Yangon. Nostalgia is also one way to describe the way the farmers who live here feel about their land and the time, many years ago, when they were sure it was theirs. (more…)

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